Dealing with imposter syndrome!

imposter-syndrome.jpg In the life of being a software developer, it's constant that you will face imposter syndrome at some point. What I mean by the word imposter syndrome, is you will find yourself at your lowest, you may think programming is not for you or you may think that you do not fit the role or you are not smart enough for a software engineering field but trust me you even the best software developers in the world once and still face this disease, on the other hand, it's not a bad thing after all. It pushes you to go higher and relinquishes the inner beast inside.

How to overcome it?

  1. First things first accept the current situation you're on, then take a break from what you are doing, take a work, rest, sleep, go to the gym, etc.
  2. Understand you are not the only one experiencing this and give yourself credit for the far you have come and remind yourself why you started the journey.
  3. Try to break the problem into smaller chunks and if the path your taking doesn't yield the result try something different, don't get stuck on the same path without yielding results.

Happy coding you gat this...